6 Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

5 05 2011
Mother’s day is this weekend and if you have a mom who still treats you like you’re 5 years old, you should definitely be looking for a way to show Mom that you appreciate her. Now, if you want to appreciate her without breaking the bank, well, I’m sure she knows that it’s the thought that counts. Try one of these low-cost Mother’s Day gift ideas:

1. Lunch or Dinner Out aka. Lunner

Depending where you go, eating out wouldn’t qualify as a cheap gift idea per se, but on Mother’s Day it does. Find a restaurant that offers a free meal for Mom on Mother’s Day, that way, you can treat her to a tasty meal without running up a big tab. Having said that, it IS the busiest day in the year for restaurants. Make reservations, or cook her a meal (even if it’s not very edible) because after all, she’s been feeding you since you could remember.

2. Family Portrait/Scrapbook

Filter through your family photos until you find a real stand-out and order an enlargement. For a few dollars you’ll have a frame-ready family portrait. OR if you want to go the extra mile, go through family albums and get a bunch of pictures of your mom and if you have access to, her pictures of when she was young and put it into a scrap book.

3. A ‘Groupon’ book

Every frugal Mom has things that she loves and if she’s anything like my mom, don’t expect you to buy her anything which makes it impossible for me and my sister to get her anything that she’ll actually appreciate. So we got around that by giving her a book of coupons to do certain chores around the house or help her do certain things. Ie. Redeem for 1 free car wash, clean the floors, etc. Usually, she’ll forget to use them or better yet, lose the coupon book.

4. Flowers

Very typical, but go the extra mile and instead of a bouquet of flowers, go for a gift with longer-lasting appeal, choose a flowering perennial for her garden instead. She’ll enjoy your Mother’s Day year after year. For the ultimate cheap gift for mom, just place a packet of seeds inside a card, and schedule a time to help her plant them.

5. Customized E-Cards

I have gone the ultimate cheap step to send my mom an E-card which takes a couple of minutes to create and you can schedule when to send it out (Mothers day is on Sunday May 8th for those of you who are completely clueless). I like using jibjab  because you can personalize it. If your mom is tech savy, she’ll enjoy it. If your mom is like mine, just go onto her facebook, get the best picture from her albums, crop her face, insert it into a personable sendable video. A lot of them are funny and entertaining. It’s only $12 for a year membership, which means that this would cover Father’s day and their birthdays as well! Great touch!

6. A Special Outing

Give Mom a break from her day-to-day life by taking her on a special outing. Google free events in your area – concerts, plays, museum tours, parks, trails, fruit picking, etc. – and then pick the one that’s most in line with Mom’s interests.
Now go and love your mom as she loves you!



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